Season Analysis

Case Study Kick Cancer

Kick Cancer was a 6-week pilot programme launched in May 2018 in partnership with Lingen Davies. The sessions included multiple sports and aimed to improve a participant’s fitness but also featured an hour of social activity, including discussions, quizzes, team builders and more. They aimed to be all inclusive and attracted a range of participants with a number of different backgrounds and ages. One joined the programme 12 months after completing chemotherapy treatment and spoke of how important the sessions were to help him ‘step up my physical activity’. Another participant emphasised how much he enjoyed being able to take part with the younger people on the course and mix with people that he usually wouldn’t.

Due to the success of the Kick Cancer pilot sessions, in 2019 Shrewsbury Town in the Community will be launching Kick Cancer as a full time programme, once more in association with Lingen Davies. This will allow us to reach and help even more of those living with the disease and give them the opportunity to relax and engage in sport.