Season Analysis

Case Study Ryan

Ryan Thomas is one of our PAN Disability footballers, and suffers from a range of impairments that affect his ability to enjoy football. PAN football shows that not all disabilities are obvious to the eye, and this is the case with Ryan who suffers from acute anxiety, selective mutism and chronic pain syndrome. Ryan had tried to play football in other sessions and at other clubs, but never found a love for playing due to other players not understanding his needs. However, since Ryan began attending the sessions over two years ago; his family and friends have seen a range of improvements, especially when it comes to dealing with his anxiety and mutism. His confidence has improved with his family and fellow players, and he is able to talk to a few more people.

“Since Ryan started coming to these sessions he’s built his confidence up, he talks a bit more and it’s putting him on the right track to get his confidence back.”

Peter Thomas, Ryan’s Dad