Season Analysis

Case Study Shane

Shane joined the Shrewsbury Town in the Community NCS programme for Wave 2 of the summer 2018 programme after initially becoming involved with us by completing the 6-week pilot Kick Cancer programme.

Throughout the NCS programme, Shane challenged himself greatly, overcoming some of his biggest fears, including social isolation. During phase 1 of the NCS programme, Shane took part in the giant swing activity, which challenged his fears and allowed him to overcome them. Shane became a popular character amongst the young people on the NCS programme, making a number of friends. As a lively character within the group, Shane’s infectious smile, talkative personality and constant determination made him a key member of the group, picking up everyone’s spirits throughout the weeks, providing early wake up calls or raising the mood at end of a long hike.

“At times throughout life we’ve all looked and thought about how hard it seems. But since meeting Shane and learning about his story, and then seeing his determination and constant smile it makes us realise that life isn’t as bad as it seems and we’re actually quite lucky.”

Ben, NCS Participant