Season Analysis

Health & Inclusion

Shrewsbury Town in the Community run a number of health and inclusion programmes within Shropshire, which are aimed at improving overall health in the area. This includes encouraging sports participation among those who may not normally get the chance due to reasons such as age and illness. These programmes also aim to help young people to engage within their community and improve social cohesion within Shropshire. The sessions include walking football, Extra Time, Kick Cancer, National Citizen Service, Heads Up and Short Breaks.

Walking Football allows participants over the age of 50 to enjoy football once again, becoming more active and improving their long term health. Extra Time is aimed at getting over 50s out of the house and engaged in social and physical activity. Kick Cancer was launched in partnership with Lingen Davies Cancer Fund, with the aim of the programme being to help those living with or recovering from cancer. Heads Up is a 1-hour mental health football session ran in Shrewsbury. It allows participants who suffer, or have previously suffered, from a mental health illness, the opportunity to play with other footballers who may have been in similar situations. Providing an environment where everyone involved understands the battle that everyone at the session has been going through.

Alongside the ShrewsAbility sessions ran, Shrewsbury Town also host a 90-minute Short Breaks programme, which provides parents or carer’s of a disabled participant with a short break, as the participant partakes in a football session. The sessions aim to get children with a disability playing football in some form, learning the basics of the game and how they can enjoy the sport despite the range of disabilities.